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The specialist for functional clothing combines Swiss precision, German engineering quality and traditional Italian textile craftmanship. Since X-BIONIC® started to rethink about functional clothing in the year 2000 and started to produce it, the values precision, quality and tradition​​blend in a perfect symbiosis. X-BIONIC® proves that functional clothing and underwear for athletes can be innovative, powerful and fully efficient. Today, X-BIONIC® is consistently using the insights of evolution for solutions that help to optimize the performance of their unique products. "How is the body optimally supported under certain conditions? How does nature solve equivalent situations in a similar way? How is this solution applied to clothing? And what kind of technical innovations are required?" The gained knowledge and solutions from nature are imitated and combined with innovative technologies in X-BIONIC®'s functional clothing. X-BIONIC® is technology to attract and attracting technology.